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Individual eReference Collections

AtoZ The World
AtoZ The World has country guide information to 175 nations and includes information on societies, cultures, and maps.

AtoZ World Food
Recipes from 174 countries; articles on national and regional cuisine, dining etiquette, special occasion foods; beverages, sauces, food history, and more.

Biography Reference Bank
Full text profiles of notable individuals from biographical reference books.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Collection of authoritative encyclopedia articles covering all areas of information.
Gale Reference
Collection of reference books on a wide variety of subjects such as biographies, education, the environment, history, literature, medicine, multicultural studies, the nation and world, religion, science, and social science.

Salem History
Collection of history reference works including Milestone Documents, The Decades, Lives from History and Great Events from History.

Salem Health
Collection of award-winning health reference works such as Magill’s Medical Guide.

Salem Literature
Collection of literary reference works such as the Critical Insights series, Critical Survey of Long Fiction, Critical Survey of Poetry and Magill's Literary Annual and Masterplots, 4th Edition.
Salem Science
Collection of science reference works such as the Encyclopedia of Mathematics & Society, Encyclopedia of Energy, Encyclopedia of Global Resources, and Encyclopedia of Global Warming. 

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Kanopy Films (Documentary)

Alexander Street Press (Health)

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Current Exhibits

A More Perfect Union: Mississippi Founders @ McLendon Library through December 1st

A More Perfect Union: Mississippi Founders @ McLendon Library through December 1st

The Mississippi Humanities Council created a traveling exhibit called “A More Perfect Union: Mississippi Founders.” This project specifically highlights Ida B. Wells-Barnett, John Roy Lynch, Thomas W. Stringer, Fannie Lou Hamer, Annie Devine, Lawrence Guyot, Aaron Henry, Unita Blackwell, Clarie Collins Harvey, Amzie Moore, Medgar Evers, and Vernon Dahmer. These individuals put their lives on the line, and some paid the ultimate sacrifice in striving for a true democracy in America. Through the exhibit, we dare to say that these individuals are the founders of Mississippi, the founders of a democracy that dared to say that all men are created equal and uplifts the ideals of the American constitution. These individuals were American patriots and should be revered in the same light as Patrick Henry and Alexander Hamilton. If our founding fathers were the architects of democracy, these individuals and others should be considered the actual builders of democracy for all Americans.

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Did You Know?

November is COPD Awareness Month


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease


  • Various diseases cause airway blockage that result in breathing problems.
  • Long term disease
  • Treatments consist of inhalers, oxygen portable or stationary
  • Hospitalization is sometimes necessary
  • Death also can occur.

Make sure to go to the doctor when you are not feeling well.

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Hoopla Is Now Available Through Hinds Libraries

Hinds District Libraries now offer Hoopla for its patronsHoopla is a leading provider of entertainment media products and services.  It provides an enormous selection of digital video (movies and TV shows), music, audiobooks, ebooks and comics. Content is available through computer browsers, phones, tablets, and TV products.  Hinds Libraries currently limits patron borrowing to 5 titles per month.  Please click on the slide title to learn more about Hoopla and how to sign up.

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Need Information on How to Cite Sources?

Are you looking for information on citing sources and generating citations? Check out our "Researching and Citing" LibGuide. It contains all you will need to know on citing sources correctly. Click on slide title to go directly to the Researching and Citing LibGuide.

Hinds anti-racism guide to books

Anti-Racism Reading List


A HindsCC reading list guide based on the Mississippi Humanities Council Anti-Racism reading list

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