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Researching and Citing

This guide provides assistance in finding, evaluating, and citing sources to use in research.
Creating an Account On Campus:

Go to and use your Hinds email address to create an account.


Creating an Account Off Campus:

Email Bonnie Bennet ( to get our specialized invitation code. When you have the code, go enter it at to start setting up your account.

Tips and Training

For more questions, try ProQuest's help guides. You can also find helpful training videos on the RefWorks YouTube channel.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a tool for publishing and managing citations, bibliographies, and references. Hinds students and faculty can create accounts to keep track of the citations and resources they find during research. RefWorks also provides additional tools to add references directly from webpages, and to insert and edit citations in Word, Google Docs, and Hangul.

RefWorks is great for keeping track of citations, but not always perfect at generating them. Be sure to use the other pages in this guide to check that all citations are done correctly.