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Researching and Citing

This guide provides assistance in finding, evaluating, and citing sources to use in research.


Often when you are doing academic research for a class or writing assignment, your instructor will tell you "Be sure to use Scholarly resources."  But what exactly does that mean?  Scholarly resources are typically much more reliable information than that found in more "popular" sources such as magazines or newspapers.  Scholarly articles are research based and written by experts in the field.  Below are some more differences between "Scholarly" and "Popular" articles so you can tell them apart.


How to find Scholarly Articles

Finding scholarly articles in library databases is easy!  Most library databases have "limiters" that allow you to limit your search in a variety of ways, including limiting to scholarly type materials.  Sometimes the limiter maybe called "Limit to Scholarly" sometimes it is called "Limit to Peer Reviewed" or "Limit to Academic Journals."  Here is a search with the limiters for "Scholarly:"