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NAH Student Resources

Page to help NAH students and faculty find the resources they need.

Counseling and Advising Services

Hinds counseling

Counseling Services at Hinds Community College are designed to provide a comprehensive group of resources for students. Services provided by the counseling centers are free and confidential. Usually, no appointment is necessary. Counselors are available at each location of Hinds Community College. Counselors serve as the general advisors for all students entering into the college. At the time the student is enrolled, the counselor will provide the student with the appropriate information to match college resources with the student's needs. Counselors can assist in making the student's entry into Hinds a smooth one. They may assist the student in exploring a variety of courses leading to various majors. Counselors can also assist students in adapting to change and in learning good decision making skills as well as make appropriate referrals to other resources which may be of use to the student.

Jackson Nursing/Allied Health Center
  • Office Location: Anderson Hall 2
  • Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Open Tuesdays until 6:00 p.m.)
  • Counselors
    • Joycelyn Washington, (Director of Student Services for the Nursing/Allied Health Campus, NAHC Leadership Team member, Student Affairs Committee, Campus Climate Committee, Phi Theta Kappa advisor, Registration Committee and NAHC Readmission Committee).
    • Cooper McCachren, (Disability Support Services Committee, District Student Affairs Committee and District Associated Student Government Committee)

Am I required to meet with a counselor/advisor to schedule classes?
First-time students must see an advisor or counselor at one of the six (6) campus locations. Advisors and counselors are available for all students; however, returning students are not required to seek advisement.

Do I owe money or have a restriction from the admissions or business office that needs to be cleared?
Go to My.Hinds and check your account status. If there is a balance or restriction, go to the appropriate office or call 601-857-5261 or 1-800-HINDSCC.

What classes have I successfully completed toward my major?
First, print your unofficial transcript from My.Hinds. If you have attended another college check to see if the credits have been posted to your Hinds transcript. If not, contact the Office of Admissions and request that college transfer credits post to your record.

What classes should I register for next semester?

*Students enrolled in developmental classes may wish to speak with an academic advisor.

Do these classes have any prerequisites?

After selecting courses that you need to complete for graduation, you may view the Catalog Course Descriptions to see if there are any prerequisite classes.

I’m interested in Nursing & Allied Health programs. What are the admission requirements?
You may view the requirements here: Admission for Nursing & Allied Health Programs

How can I view the class schedule of what is being offered and at which location?
Search for classes, dates, and times from the online course schedule.

I’m a current student. How do I register for classes?
Go to My.Hinds and web register for academic and/or technical classes. Career students must register in person. For step by step instructions, please view the Web Registration Video Tutorial

What online classes are offered?
MSVCC Course Offerings: MSVCC schedule.

I’m an online student. How do I register for classes?
First-time Hinds students must see a Hinds advisor to register for their first semester of courses. After that term, the student may web register for their classes through My.Hinds.

How do I register for an online course offered by a different community college in MS?
Lookup MSVCC Course Offerings on the MSVCC Schedule online tool. Classes offered by other colleges are subject to approval based on criteria set forth by the Distance Learning office. More information can be found under the FAQ for Hinds Distance Learning. Contact your advisor for more information.

When is payment for classes due?
Check your financial aid status and the account balance at My.Hinds. All fees are due 10 days before classes begin (or at the time of registration if registering within 10 days of classes starting). Note: If you have not paid your fees in full, entered into a payment plan with the college, or been approved for financial aid by the due date, you will be removed from your classes.

Where can I get a copy of my schedule?
You may view and print your schedule at My.Hinds.

I took this class in high school. Why do I have to take this class in college? 
You must receive college credit in the class for the course to be counted toward graduation. However, if while you were in high school you also took classes through a college, you may be able to use the college credit course toward graduation. You should send your high school transcript to Hinds CC to be evaluated.