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Medical Laboratory Technology: Library Tour

Library Tour

This exercise is designed to acquaint you with the major library resources needed for course work and especially for required research papers. Successful completion of the exercise should provide you with a rudimentary knowledge of basic search strategy which can be transferred to all libraries available to you in the future. The primary resources in any library are the people that staff it. Please feel free to make frequent use of this most important and basic resource as often as necessary in the course of conducting your research. We hope that you find this exercise interesting as well as informative. 

II. Periodical Indexes and Databases

Hinds CC offers a variety of databases for research. You may choose the database based upon the subject you are researching such as Business or Nursing. Using the indicated database, locate articles relevant to your topic. You may have to use one or more of the keywords or “see also” terms in order to narrow your search to articles relevant to your task.  You may select specific databases here: 


You can search all of the databases at one time with the Discover@Hinds search box in the library page. 


Discover@Hinds Libraries

Enter Keywords

Use and to join key terms (example: cancer and treatment).

IV. Citations

Citation Aides:

        Citation Sources

        OWL at Purdue

Using an item (book. article, and/or website) from your searches above, create an APA citation as would be used for a paper's reference page or a bib card. 


Using the same item from above, create a short paragraph that would require a citation (quote, statistical information, summarization, or paraphrasing); use the APA citation format. 

V. Internet Search

Online search options:


GOOGLE Scholar:





I. Library Catalog

Perform a title search using the Library Catalog, look for titles relevant to your subject and designed for health professionals. Use the title that is most useful to you and provide the following information:



Call Number: 

Location: (where the title can be found) 


Place of Publication:

Date of Publication:

Subject Headings in the Catalog that can link to related materials:

(The publication information is important for creating a citation within your paper while the Subject Headings can help you find related materials.)

Use this search box to search the physical holdings of the library (books, DVDs, etc).

III. Plagiarism

Take the Plagiarism Tutorial

Is copying someone else's work without acknowledgment ok?

What is "common knowledge?"

Which of the following requires a citation?

        Information gained from an interview or conversation

         Use of exact words

         Use of your own experiences or ideas

         Information taken from a book, magazine, or web content

         Use of generally accepted facts, e.g., smoking is bad for you

         Reuse or reposting of electronic images and/or videos

         Use of "common knowledge"

Review the following items and determine which need citations. Explain why a citation is needed. 

 1. This semester we learned about diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases. There was much more to learn than I had expected. 

 2. Amazingly 48% of students find this assignment to be a waste of time. 

 3. Even though facts are constantly being shown that smoking is hazardous to one's health, people continue to smoke. 

 4. The median annual wage for respiratory therapists was $55,870 in May 2012.

 5. Coughing in the theater is not a respiratory ailment. It is a criticism. (Alan Jay Lerner)