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RCT Case Research Project : Presentation

Power Point

  • Your case MUST BE PRESENTED USING POWERPOINT. We have PowerPoint on the student computers in our lab and faculty will be available to assist you if needed.
  • Remember, you must limit your Clinical 3 Presentation to around 10 minutes; your presentation will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A period.

Citing in Presentations

Creating a Presentation

Finding Images

Image Sources

There are multiple sources for images available. These are just a few suggestions for where to find appropriate images for your presentation. 

When using the library databases to search for your disease, the results page will include a section of "Related Images" on the right-hand side of the screen. 

You could also use specific databases such as Nursing and Allied Health Source (Proquest) to search by source types such as pamphlets, blogs, websites, and videos(see the image in the  box to titled Images); Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy which allows users to manipulate 3D models of the body; Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition  will search articles for charts, diagrams, graphs, and photographs; and Nursing Reference Center gives access to patient education resources as well as continuing education modules which often include usable images. 

Be sure to cite any images that you may use. 

Sample Power Point