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Special Note:  There are two places where MS Community College students might get library resources.  If students are taking an on-campus or on-line class from a specific community college, they should go to and use library resources from their community college library website.  If, though, the student is taking an on-line class thru the MS. Virtual Community College (MSVCC), they should always use library resources found on the MS Electronic Library Online (MELO), a website dedicated to those students.  Ask the student before getting started.  Links to both MELO and the individual institutions are below.  Instructions for logins to both is found further down this page.

What's on this page:

Policy Page Email Contact:


MELO Library Home Page URL:


Links to MS. CC Library Home Pages, Catalogs and Contact Info: 


MELO Databases A-Z:

This link will take you to a list of MELO databases (article, evideo and ebook).  A link to this list can be found on the MELO homepage. Though MELO provides quite a few databases, individual Mississippi community colleges libraries will have a few more. Students taking MSVCC courses should use MELO.  Students in courses offered by the individual institution should use their library's resources (see note at top of page).
Login Information for MELO databases: When using MELO Databases, a login and password is always required. Both the login and password for every database is 'melolib.'

MELO Discovery (a search of all MELO databases):

MELO Discovery is a search of all databases (article, evideo and ebook) available to MSVCC students.
Login Information for MELO Discovery: When using MELO Discovery, a login and password is always required. Both the login and password for Discovery is 'melolib.'


Logins for Databases found on individual CC Library Websites: 
Please Note: The login/password 'melolib' is for MELO databases and Discovery ONLY.   If a student says that this login/password is not working, check to see whether they are on the MELO library page or their school library page.  A school library page may require a different login and password ( may require the same login as their Canvas page).  If the MELO login is not working, here are some additional logins.  These logins are Ebsco specific and will not work with non-Ebsco databases such as Issues and Controversies:

HindsCC Magnolia password: magn0109

Institution Ebsco ID/password Issues & Controversies Films on Demand  SIRS CQ Researcher Credo
Coahoma magn0100/ melo melolib      
Co-Lin proxy (Student ID and 6 digit pin)    
East Central magn0103   magn0103      
East MS proxy (EMCC username and password)    
Hinds proxy (HindsNet login and password)    
Holmes proxy (Holmes username and password)    
Itawamba proxy (Itawamba login and password)    
Jones magn9901 or magn0117   magn0117      
Meridian magn0118   magn0118      
MS Delta magn0119   magn0119      
MS Gulf Coast magn0121   gulfstate75      
Northeast magn0124   magn0124      
Northwest magn0126 password magn0126      
Pearl River magn0127 magn0127 facts      
Southwest magn0128 password bear      


e-Books and e-Videos: 
Each community college library may have different e-books and e-videos available. But through MELO, Mississippi students have access to a shared database of e-books and e-videos which can be found by searching the MELO "Ebsco Discovery" search and limiting the results (using the filter) for e-books or e-videos.


Libraries Policies and Hours: 
For physical access to an institution's resources, it's important to note that each library has its own hours and its own rules and regulations about library cards, fees, loan periods, renewals, interlibrary loan, and other policies. To find this information, please visit the individual library's website.