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Surgical Technology: Articles

Journal of Medical Insight

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These are a few of the titles that are available through the HindsCC Databases.  Some titles may have up to a 12 month embargo on issues, meaning that the most current issue may not be available through the database. Current issues of The Surgical Technologist may be found in the NAH Library.

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Popular vs. Scholarly

Scholarly Journals
(sometimes called Research Journals or Academic Sources)
Popular Magazines
(sometimes called General or Journalistic Sources)
Articles always have bibliographies and end/footnotes. Articles lack bibliographies or references
Authors are always named, and their institutional affiliation is given. Authors may be anonymous
Articles may be peer-reviewed or refereed. Articles are not peer-reviewed
Target audience is academic or professional Target audience is the general public.
Journal title may include terms such as "journal," "review," or "bulletin" - but not always! Magazine title doesn't usually include terms like "journal," "review," or "bulletin." Notable exceptions include The Wall Street Journal and Ladies' Home Journal--these are NOT scholarly
Journal covers and pages tend to be plain in design. Some scholarly or professional journals contain advertisements (like JAMA), so identify the target audience to make your final determination. Magazines tend to include advertisements, graphics, color photos, etc.
Issues tend to be successively numbered, with the page numbering of each issue beginning where the previous issue ended. Each issue generally begins with page 1.
Articles tend to be longer. Articles tend to be shorter, some only 1-2 pages.
Issues tend to be published less often (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually). Issues tend to be published more frequently (monthly, weekly, daily).