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The following print books are available through Hinds Libraries. Stop by your campus library for details to check them out. Materials at another campus may be requested to be shipped to your campus. Use the search box below to find books by title, author, or subject. 

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Writing and Grammar

Because Internet

RAYMOND. The internet isn't the first technology to alter how we communicate, but it is making our language change faster and in more interesting ways than ever before. The programmers behind the apps and platforms we use decide how our conversations are structured, from the grammar of status updates to the protocols of comments and @replies. Linguistically inventive niche online communities spread slang and jargon exponentially faster than in the days when new dialects were constrained by physical space. What's more, social media provides a fascinating laboratory for watching language evolve in real time.

Writing Smart, 3rd Edition

RAYMOND. Knowing how to communicate through clear, articulate writing is an essential skill in today's world. Whether you're penning a college application essay, a paper for class, an email to colleagues, or a report for your boss, you need to be able express your thoughts clearly and with appropriate context. Writing Smart will walk you through each stage of your writing project, from planning your work and writing the first few sentences to editing and adding finishing touches! This 3rd edition includes sections on- * Quick review of essential grammar * Preparing to write, including outlines and research if needed * Proper use of words, punctuation, sentences, and paragraphs * How to edit your work efficiently * Tips and approaches for all kinds of writing, including personal essays; reviews, articles, and essay tests; research papers; professional letters and emails; lab reports; and project proposals

The Little Seagull Handbook

VICKSBURG. The pocket-sized handbook that does the work of a full-sized handbook, now with a new section on editing the errors that matter. Most handbooks include chapters on various general writing topics (e.g., the writing process or the elements of an argument), but few cover the specific kinds of writing students are assigned to do. The Little Seagull has chapters on reports, analyses, and all the other genres that college students are most often assigned. And because it's so small, so easy to use, and so affordable, it's proven to be a popular alternative to larger (and much more costly) handbooks. The third edition adds a new section on editing the errors that matter--and the option to include free access to InQuizitive for Writers, which provides practice in editing the same errors.

Essay Do's and Don'ts

RAYMOND, JACKSON ATC, VICKSBURG, & RANKIN. Now in a second edition, Essay Do's and Don'ts is a concise, practical guide on the fundamentals of essay writing loaded with research tips, writing samples, and practice exercises that will help students build the essential skills they need to produce well-written, highly effectiveessays.