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Hinds COVID-19 Memory Archival Project: FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Can Submissions Be Anonymous?
Yes.  We want people to be comfortable and to be honest in their submissions. 

Can my submission be restricted from use for a period of time?
Yes.  Please make a note on the submission form and contact the Hinds Libraries Archive using the contact information provided.

How Frequently Can/Should I Submit?
You can submit as often as you would like.  Not all submissions may be accepted though.

I am an Instructor at Hinds.  Can I encourage students to contribute to the Memory Project as a Class Assignment?
Yes, you can.  The students will need to note in the submission "description" that the contribution is for your class.

Is there a Minimum Age to Submit?
Anyone 18 or older can submit.  People under the age of 18 cannot legally agree to the submission.

How long do I have to submit something?
This project is on-going at this time and will be accepting submissions for the foreseeable future.