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Library Mission & Vision

Our mission:  Hinds Libraries (Learning Resource Centers) acquire, organize, preserve and make available the best and most appropriate resources, in all formats, needed to support the instructional goals of the College and its faculty in order to foster greater learning opportunities for students and community users.  In addition, Hinds LRCs provide courteous assistance and professional instruction to its community in the location and use of informational resources. The LRCs staff strive to maintain a welcoming, comfortable and technologically supportive environment that facilitates reading, learning, collaboration and ease of use.

The library supports and adheres to the Library Bill of Rights as adopted by the American Library Association.


Our vision:  Hinds Libraries (Learning Resource Centers [LRCs]) are established and recognized by Hinds and surrounding communities as one of the most fundamental components of student learning, faculty teaching and community growth. The LRCs provide resources, instruction, outreach, services and an environment that advance learning, nurture creativity, support collaboration and inspire educational commitment.  The College community and the community at large is continuously enriched by our efforts.


District Dean of Libraries

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Mary Beth Applin